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Intelligent Solutions

We design, build and support networking infrastructures for the technology and telecommunications industries. We enable our customers to connect their networks by providing a strong, fast, and reliable foundation that ensures secure voice, data and digital TV delivery using FTTx.


Starting from our FTTx design to our final implementation which serve Triple Play solutions and wealth of industry experience, we help our customers to enter new markets, improve performance, minimize costs and increase profitability investments

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Why eCompounds

Our clients rely on eCompounds’ superior craftsmanship and quality products to make their networks stable and robust. Our strict attention to industry standards, along with a keen awareness of technological advancements, ensures what the network builds for you today will meet your needs for many years to come.


We have professional engineers who can design and implement the finest, cost effective and advanced custom designed solutions for your needs.


We have extensive technical experience in FTTx, GPON & P2P solutions and we pay great attention on all details providing you with solutions you can depend on. 


By leveraging its industry knowledge and technology expertise, eCompounds consultative approach will ensure that our services are aligned with your business needs and goals, presently, but also moving into the future.

Our Services


GPON Solutions

We provide our clients with our exclusive services in fiber optics, triple play, and smart city solutions. Specialize in connecting fiber optic infrastructure for Real Estate and other Businesses.

 4-150x150FO Network Design

Our fiber-optic network designers will ensure that your cables are properly spliced, routed, and, when necessary, terminated properly.


FO Supply & Install

We supply the full range of Fiber Optics. All our expert technicians are skilled at implementing fiber optic for efficient and high-quality bandwidth management and customized network.

توريد وتركيب


Copper Network

We follow strict installation and testing guidelines. Our installation techniques provide our customers with the flexibility to deploy an array of work stations, servers, printers, telephones, cameras and other network-able devices at any location.