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Fiber Optics Site Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design Fiber Optics Systems : He/She will design structured cabling systems for commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects.
  • Direct Fiber Optics Contractors : He/She will directly oversee and manage teams of civil contractors and subcontractors. They may direct daily activities, answer questions about fiber network needs and fiber codes, and guide workers throughout the construction process.
  • Resolve Fiber Optics Issues : related to civil work that arise during the course of construction to prevent delays.
  • Develop Cost Estimates : Early in the construction planning process, he/she will help develop cost estimates for both material and labor. He/She will also estimate manpower and timelines, giving project managers the information needed to consider contractor bids and ensure the project remains within budget.
  • Manage Construction Schedules:  related to fiber elements of job sites. He/She will work closely with both planners and utility providers to determine when project milestones need to be completed to avoid delays and maintain profitability. Frequently, fiber site engineer determine these schedules in collaboration with subcontractors to ensure that fiber work is completed in tandem with other elements of the project.
  • Conduct System Testing: of fiber systems throughout the construction process. He/She may test individual components or the whole system, including overseeing final inspections of the job. He/She will check contractors’ work to ensure adherence to local, safe operation of all devices, and accurate power budget delivery.

 Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferred in Computing, engineering or technology.
  • Own a car
  • Good English is a must.
  • Good knowledge in AutoCAD and MS Office is a must (Outlook, Excel, Word, PP, Visio…)
  • A high degree of self-motivated with a results-driven approach
  • The skills to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Good communication skills
  • A positive, confident and determined approach



Outside Sales Representative

Duties and Responsibilities

Candidates work as ambassadors and are responsible for establishing and maintaining good relationships with customers based on their assigned territory. They must build trust and act as support for prospects, ensuring they lead to potential future sales.


  • Conduct calls and face-to-face meetings with customers daily
  • Build and maintain relationships with new and repeat customers
  • Maintain records of all sales leads and/or customer accounts
  • Educate customers on how products or services can benefit them financially and professionally
  • Sell the company’s products or services to customers within your given territory
  • Monitor the company’s industry competitors, new products, and market conditions to understand a customer’s specific needs
  • Work closely with marketing department to help build the brand

 Job Requirements

Outside sales representatives should have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, economics, communications, and/or any equivalent education that demonstrates expertise in customer engagement.

Having a well-developed phone presence and high comfort level in initiating conversations is essential to fulfilling the daily duties of an outside sales representative. Aside from a social and positive personality, outside sales representatives must be self-starters and proactive problem solvers, since not every day is the same and the workplace setting is constantly changing.
Key Characteristics of an Outside Sales Representative:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Own a car
  • Self-starter
  • Detail oriented
  • Willing to work independently
  • Always team focused



Structured Cabling Draftswoman

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design Fiber Optics Systems as per documented protocol.
  • Offer technical assistance in AutoCAD drawing production work (such as fiber optic network design, topology layout, fiber splice plans, cable duct and routing, and calculations on non-routine assignments of substantial variety and complexity.
  • Should take charge of different types of fiber optics and put to practice company, client and project design, and drafting standards.
  • Ensures quick, fast and secure fiber optics communication.
  • Building BOQs for all the material, equipment and components required for the layout.
  • Assist in the physical implementation of the design to avoid any complications.
  • Providing fiber schematic design and as-built design for projects
  • Evaluates reports, drawings, and calculations and work in close coordination with the engineering and field personnel to finish the project within the budget and stipulated time frame.
  • Maintain overall Power Budget tolerance in designs
  • Archive network blueprints, notes and records with diligence for future use and to update documentation throughout the project on an ongoing basis.

 Job Requirements

  • Intermediate level in AutoCAD
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications, or similar
  • Experience: 1 to 3 years
  • Good English is a must.
  • Females Only
  • Advanced knowledge in MS Office


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